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KENSHOJI of the Honmon Butsuryu-shu

Kenshoji, a temple of the Honmon Butsuryu Sect of Buddhism, is located on Shichirigahama, Kamakura.
The temple is in a solemn stillness and fronts on the vast expanse of blue waters with green hills at the back.
Many people have been attracted to Kenshoji and its religious teaching.
Kenshoji came into being during the late Meiji era as the first local mission that Josenji planted and later was established as a temple in 1947 (the 22nd year of Showa) on Shichirigahama (the place where it is a present).
Kamakura is well known as the sacred place where Nichiren Shonin propagated the "Odaimoku".
In accordance with the teachings of Nichiren Shonin, lay followers as well as the priests of Kenshoji are always chanting the Odaimoku, "Nahm-myo-hoh-ren-ge-kyo" which was revealed in the primordial eight chapters of the Lotus Sutra and was entrusted to the Bodhisattva Jogyo and plants in the minds of all living beings the seed, the genuine cause of Buddhahood.
We, men and women of all ages, are wholeheartedly striving to perform Buddhist practices.
Kenshoji's lay followers live not only in Kamakura city but also in various places such as Zushi, Totsuka, Fujisawa, Yamato, Chigasaki, Hiratsuka, Oiso, Ninomiya, Hakone, Fujisusono, Yamanashi, Tokyo and even in Okinawa and New York.
They are closely united and play active parts respectively in several culture clubs based on the faith and organized according to age, sex, and purpose.
"The Kamakura Shichirigahama Kenshoji Temple Cemetery" has been opened to the public in recent years and is enjoying enormous popularity.
Would you please visit Kenshoji and knock at the gate of the faith?
We are looking forward to seeing you.

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